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Honeycomb is a material consisting of kraft liner formed into continuous 
uniform hexagonal cells. Honeycomb, when expanded, can be faced with kraft 
liner and color coated. It can also be faced with numerous other substrates. • It is a dynamic product whose uses are limited only by the imagination. • Honeycomb’s distinctive cellular pattern and unique ability to bend and 
stretch into countless shapes and patterns, invites imaginative uses.

 Advantages and

Less weight, lower freight cost,
recyclable, cleaner, safer, structurally stronger, reusable, resistant to shock, insulation value, cushions, protects and extremely low thermal conductivity
factors are the wide range of
honeycomb advantages.

Honeycomb is recyclable and biodegradable, and in many cases can replace foam type products used in inner packing.

Reduction of sound transmission and deadening of vibrational energy

Pound for pound, Honeycomb is the strongest and most economical core material available
for use today and an ideal component to
replace wood pallets.

Honeycomb has been used by a wide variety of manufacturers and packaging companies. SOME OF THE APPLICATIONS ARE >

•  Pallets for Shipping and Base Pads for Appliances

•  Furniture - Core Material and Damage Control Packaging

•  Panel, Partition and Door Core Material

•  Energy Absorbing Packaging

•  Automotive Packaging - Glass, Plastics, Metal

Die Cut Pads and Interior Packaging to cradle your products from light bulbs to transformers

•  Void Fillers for damage control

Specialty Products


•  All material is 100% recyclable kraft paper, interior packaging is honeycomb

•  ISTA approved for shipping

3 Bottle Wine Pack

Includes shipping container,
top & bottom load pad.
2 inserts fit 3 bottles.

6 Bottle Wine Pack

Includes shipping container,
top & bottom load pad.
4 inserts fit 6 bottles.

12 Bottle Wine Pack

Includes shipping container,
top & bottom load pad.
8 inserts fit 12 bottles.

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